Why Dubai is famous among travellers


Dubai, the capital of Emirate of Dubai is one of the wealthiest of the United Arab Emirates. There are several theories about the origin of the name “Dubai”, some say it came as “daba”, a type of locust that infected the area. Looking at today’s Dubai from an infrastructure’s view- it’s considered a city of sky scrapper, ports, beaches, sun-seeking tourism, and fast cars. The atmosphere in Dubai is like a Middle-Eastern Melting pot. But the hotels and the ambiance is such that you as a tourist won’t feel any heat. There are not many religious affiliations, Islam has the majority, but churches and Hindu temples coexist. Dubai is highly benefitted by the small stretches of slim sanded beaches on the western coast. These are a major attraction and all of these areas can be covered by a local car rental in Dubai. The most famous of them is Palm Jumeirah and the World Islands. Dubai holds the title for the largest building ever made my humans- The Burj Khalifa, which at the time of its official opening in 2010 was the world’s tallest building; it was named after the president of the United Arab Emirates and emir of Abu Dhabi, Khal?fah ibn Zayid al-Nahyan. On its side lies another sail-shaped structure which is a tourist attraction and a luxurious hotel for guests.


Dubai as a sea-side city has a Mediterranean climate year long with occasional visits from sandstorms. The temperatures hover in the range of 15 degrees and 40 degrees. All in all, it has a pleasant atmosphere where you can spend time with your loved ones.

Things to do in Dubai

  1. Burj Khalifa tour
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    This is on the must-do list, you have to visit Burj Khalifa and the lake in front of it. This man-made behemoth is a work of art and the water dance at the end of the day is worth watching. There is a popular dancing water show where the jets of the water streams are as high as 150 meters in the air. Each illuminated jet that splashes into the air has various musical numbers from around the world which has become one of the most popular shows in Dubai.

  3. The Dubai Mall tour
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    This mall is located right next to Burj Khalifa and is also considered as Shopper’s Paradise. Along with 1200+ shops and 150+ restaurants, this is no less than an indoor theme park and it also has some rides that can entertain you for days. It also has a well structured beautiful outdoor fountain and the big underwater aquarium and zoo that makes Dubai special.

  5. The Walk and Beach at JBR
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    For those who like long walks alongside a beach and the tradition of wine and dine, must consider the Jumeirah Beach Residence for their next trip. The beach is beautiful and is also connected to Bluewaters Beach by a pedestrian bridge. You can visit an array of lounges by hiring a car with a car rental company in Dubai, Triply.

  7. Kite Beach
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    This beach as the name suggests is a perfect spot to test your water sports skills, You can enjoy a combo Packs for the water sports or a solo pack for individual sports. There is always plenty of activity going on at this beach, say skaters by the beach and bikers going over water bikes.

  9. Tour Dubai’s Deserts
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    This majestic and huge piece of land has some of the largest dunes. Surprisingly it’s not even a twenty to twenty-five minutes drive from the busy streets of downtown. You can take a desert safari, on sand dunes using cars, quad- bikes, sand-boarding, or camels. You will be welcomed with Barbeques for dinner, you can treat yourself with a relaxing massage amidst the vast majestic sand dunes of Dubai.

The city of Dubai is not a one day touring kinda city. You will have to take a week off from work and come here with a peaceful mind to absorb the contents this city has to offer. Among beautiful and instagrammable places stands the Etihad Museum, Dubai Canal, Medinath Jumeirah, Dubai Opera, IMG World of Adventures, The city walk, and the Dubai Frame. All these places can be visited over a period of two or more days using a can rental Triply. It provides easy renting of cars and quick delivery without any hassles.