Top 10 Dubai Tourist Spots

Dubai is the city located on the south-east coast of the Persian Gulf and is the largest city in the UAE. It is the capital of Emirate of Dubai, it is also famous for shopping, Luxury, and its nightlife. It’s a city of dining, shopping, and nightlife where you can show your adventurous side to take over and indulge yourself in activities such as desert safaris and hot air balloon rides. Here is the list of top 10 Dubai Tourist Spots that you should not miss.

  1. Dubai Mall
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    The Dubai Shopping Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Dubai and spans over 500,000 square meters of floor area. The Dubai Mall encompasses 1200 retail stores and over 200 food outlets. This mall also houses Dubai Aquarium, Sega Republic indoor theme park, and a lot more fancy stores. Not to forget the Dubai Ice Rink which everyone loves to do. It is located next to Burj Khalifa which is also a worthy spot to visit.

  3. Dubai Fountain
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    This massive fountain is embedded inside the lake in front of the Burj Khalifa right next to Dubai Mall. This fountain can shoot water up to a height of 500ft. The light show and the water dance in the evenings are mesmerizing. It definitely makes the cut of Dubai famous places. When the show is about to start, the area gets very crowded and it’s better to go and reserve your seats well before anyone else.

  5. Bastakiya Quarter
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    The historian inside you will definitely admire the beauty and traditions of the ancient Arabs. This museum is a visual treat for you as the Al Fahadi Historical Quarters date back yo 1890s and is a special district in UAE. The locality was able to house 60 Living Units and is connected y winding and twisting lanes. This is one of the best Dubai tourist attractions.

  7. Palm Islands
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    The Palm Islands are three artificial islands all located on the coast of Dubai. Three islands which makes the Pal island beautiful are Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali. The prime purpose of the Palm island’s construction was to add another one of tourist spot for the tourism industry with contemporary world-class hotels, luxurious amenities and couple more of miles of beaches for Dubai.

  9. Burj Khalifa
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    At over 828 meters in length, this massive structure holds three world records, The Tallest Free-Standing Structure, Tallest Building, Building with the highest Number of Floors, There are over 160 floors in this building. Back in 2010, before its inauguration, it was known as Burj Dubai. The sheer pleasure of seeing the massive city of Dubai from its top floors is mesmerizing.

  11. Red Dunes with Camel Safari Tour
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    Dubai’s Lahbab desert is full of scenic trails and desert activities. This activity is not a pricey one and is also a great bash to ride in a 4-wheel drive car on the dunes. Sandboarding and ATV riding are the must to do activities at this place. There is an optional BBQ at the end of the ride.

  13. Speedboat Tour
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    The city of Dubai is best experienced along the shores of the city. The 90-minute speedboat tour includes the places to visit in Dubai for tourists Dubai Marina, Skydive Dubai, Blue waters, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis Aquaventure park, and Burj Al Arab. The rigid inflatable boat trip combines full on view at high speed for a memorable experience. You can take photos on the go and can listen to the onboard commentary by the guide. It definitely is one of Dubai’s Tourist attractions.

  15. Dubai Helicopter Tour
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    Making way for the best enthralling tour of the whole trip of Dubai City is the Helicopter tour over the city of Dubai. Four people can accommodate the helicopter for one ride. This is a big ride and covers the whole city. You can definitely shoot some very good looking crisp videos from the sky. With commentary from the pilot, this is one of the best rides you can do in Dubai for first-time visitors.

  17. Abu Dhabi City Tour
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    This tour is of one day and its a special tour for first-time visitors. The tour will give you very enjoyable memories and very good-looking pictures to hang on to. Travel to the deserts and later to UAE’s capital to get to know about the heritage and culture of the city is. You can rent a car from Triply as it is the best online car rental company in Dubai. The Sheikh Sayed Grand Mosque and Heritage Villages, The Date markets are some of the major attractions.

  19. Dubai Marina Luxury yacht Tour
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    Do you want to live the A-lister’s life without spending a ton of money? This is your answer to “how?” All you have to do is to step aboard, watch and enjoy Dubai’s beautiful skyline and sights such as The Atlantis, Palm Islands along with breakfast or Barbeque depending on the time slot chosen for the ride. This ranks high up in the list of top 10 attractions of Dubai.

Exploring Dubai is once in a lifetime experience and you should not miss out these top 10 tourists spots. The trip to Dubai is incomplete with your loved ones. Get ready to witness the best of Dubai with Triply.